Almost a Disaster!

This week was a LEARNING CURVE to say the absolute least. Honestly making the actual recipe was the easy part, it was the technology that really had me going. I started this week with a vision, I really wanted to do a video where the viewer would see the pan, see all the ingredients added to it and see the whole meal be cooked. I would then take this video and speed it up to make in more enticing to watch; sometimes watching onions brown for 5 minutes, is about as exciting as watching paint dry. In any event, my skills and technology are somewhat limited, so I began the process with my trusty iPhone 11. About halfway into making the meal my phone simply stopped recording and I received the famous “your storage is full” message. What a disaster! I was about 20 minutes into making the meal and could not simply stop, to frantically try and free storage, on my phone. In that moment I decided I would take pictures of what I could, and I would include them in my video which would feature video clips and still pictures.

For this week I made Pork Fried Rice and other than the whole filming issue, the recipe itself turned out fantastic. I found the recipe via Pinterest on a bloggers page titled Self Proclaimed Foodie, you can find it here. The recipe had a 4.96 star rating from 45 votes so it only made sense that I tried this one out. Also, I suppose it was convenient that I had most of the ingredients on hand that needed to be used. I did make a few adjustments, I added corn to the recipe, the same amount as the peas, I used left over cooked Costco pork chops and I used everything bagel seasoning instead of the sesame seeds. The flavours came together quite nicely and although I’m sure not quite traditional, it was the best pork fried rice I’ve had.

After creating the recipe and having a bit of a hiccup with what my plan was to showcase my work, I decided to use the platform Canva. Canva provides templates which are easy to use and to adjust to the project at hand. The template I chose was completed with music and spaces for both video clips and still pictures. I changed up some of the colours and the font to align better with the type of video I was creating, I did pay to use Canva but to me the extra cost was worth saving on the headache, of not having certain features to make things as smooth as possible. I had already had one major curve to my plan so naturally I was looking to avoid another.

In the end, I created a video of my cooking experience which I am quite proud of, especially given my limited experience with technology! As mentioned, I included both pictures of the ingredients, and ingredient list and the steps to make the recipe. I wouldn’t say that a viewer could use simply this video to make the recipe but it might give them some ideas while they are reading along and following the recipe from their kitchen.  Take a look and let me know what you think!

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