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That’s a Wrap… Not the Food Kind…

That’s a wrap! Which is ironic, as a wrap is not one of the foods I tried to make for my project, next time! I cannot believe that the spring semester is coming to a wildly quick close. I know this is a short semester, but it truthfully feels like we just got the ball rolling. For my Learning Project I decided I would do picture perfect meals and honestly had a blast with the creations I got to try. I saw much success and really learned the importance of finding the right recipe and following it closely. I really wanted to shy away from packaged food and do my best to create meals using real ingredients. Now were the meals picture perfect? I don’t know, an assessment might be hard for this and frankly maybe it has to do with the quality of camera I had access to. In any event, I’m proud of what I have created, I served meals to both my family and guests which were well enjoyed, and I have a few keepers that I will continue to use for years to come. I grew to love certain platforms for finding recipes which I had little appreciation for in the past and it is quite likely I will continue to use the internet for the finding of recipes and cooking techniques. I’m not one for clutter so it is nice not having to have a pile of recipe books laying around, although, I do still have a couple of my favourites.

Throughout my adventure of making picture perfect meals, I really came to appreciate the importance of real and fresh ingredients. For example, garlic, it is so easy to use garlic powder (which has its place) or even the minced garlic in the oil but for this project I bought heads of garlic and crushed my own. One of my favourite cooking tools I found throughout this journey is one that has sat in my kitchen drawer, untouched, yet so simple to use. The tool is my Pampered Chef garlic press that I probably felt obligated to pick up at a party years ago not knowing that in 2022 I would need it for my favourite project of my education journey. This garlic press is easy to use and better yet, easy to clean and does exactly the job it needs to do. Fresh garlic cloves provides so much flavour to meals that garlic powder or the minced garlic in oil can simply not compare to. To be completely honest, there were not a lot of “flops” or negative things I found along the way of my cooking journey but more so many things I will take with me into my cooking future. 

I used a number of sources for finding the recipes I chose to make and almost as if it were a research project, I found myself scouring multiple recipes for the same thing to find what I deemed to be the best set of ingredients. I typically found that most recipes were fairly similar ingredients, but some had more of this or more of that and on occasion some would have some extra ingredient which added a special spin to it. My go to place seemed to be Pinterest, although I’m not fully convinced, I know how to properly use that platform. I would go to the platform, type in what it was I was looking for and then take my favourite from the bunch and start my creation. I liked Pinterest because it brought up numerous pictures and of course I could count on the fact there was a recipe to go with the yummy picture and not just the false hope of a picture. I also found Pinterest then led me to other sources like blog pages, YouTube, Instagram and even Facebook. For my blog posts I mostly used images however I did get to play with Canva a bit and a screen recording tool on the iPhone in order to speed up a video. 

Although I can say I’m not a huge fan of blogging, I’m more of a simplistic blogger. I like things to be clear, simple, and concise with not too many flashy things happening. I like things to look organized and pretty and I like the focus to be on the right area. I suppose this is my life in general and I believe this is how a classroom should be organized too for its students. This is also what I’m interested in looking at when I’m looking at blog pages or Instagram posts. In creating my recipes, I did try using other bloggers videos they posted to guide me through, and I found this worked well too! For the purpose of this assignment, I tried to follow the feedback to make longer posts, however, in general I find I’m attracted to post which have pictures, they’re short and sweet and to the point. If I do notice a long post, I’m typically not likely to engage with it at all, I don’t find I will even skim it.

All in all, creating this learning project was so much more than learning to create meals with real ingredients. Learning to engage with technology alongside something I was interested in was rewarding and really show cased an assignment that could easily be transferred into the classroom. My skills with technology and blogging in general are now stronger from this assignment and I certainly have a new appreciation for those that choose to blog and post often. I can’t say I will continue on with my blog in the future but I will also only say that this is good-bye for now!

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