Kickin’ it off Healthy

Pretty much anything with the title “Buffalo Chicken” has me excited these days, so when finding a recipe for Buffalo Chicken Zucchini Boats, I knew I had to try it. My hunt for this week’s recipe took me to Pinterest, where I began with searching “Buffalo Chicken”. I truthfully do not know how to use the Pinterest platform to its fullest advantage, but I do know I can find full length recipes when using the search bar. On my not-too-complex search for anything buffalo chicken, I stumbled across a recipe for Buffalo Chicken Zucchini Boats. I was redirected to the website where the recipe was easily found.

I liked the fact that this recipe was fairly simple, which made it a great start for my project. I also knew that it was a healthy option that would be exciting and carry great flavour. I followed the recipe exactly as posted and even incorporated the recommendation of garnishing with blue cheese and green onion; opinions on blue cheese anyone? What did I find? Well, not only was the recipe quite easy to follow, it packed a punch and will be staying in my repertoire of supper favourites.

Although the recipe was quite simple to follow, I did find the webpage it came from was riddled with advertisements with no “Jump to Recipe” option. I understand that many recipe bloggers have a write up about their recipe but sometimes it’s nice to get straight to the point. With that being said, the write up before this recipe was not terribly lengthy and scrolling to find the recipe wasn’t a bad experience. The added recommendations were appreciated, and they definitely helped with making this meal picture perfect!

The ingredients

The extras
The result!

To Tweet or not to Tweet?

Although my Twitter profile may say I’ve been a member since August of 2011, I certainly have not been active on the platform. There have been occasions over the years where I have popped on for either work or for school but truthfully it isn’t my favourite social media platform. When I say this, however, I come from bias for my love for Instagram, where I can mindlessly scroll, look at pictures and decide if I want to read on. Twitter has confused me with it being all words and I honestly never really had a clue what to share and post about. On the occasion I enjoyed popping on to see what off-side-thing our former president to the south was posting but clearly, that was for pure entertainment purposes only.

The use of Twitter in a professional setting is something I have certainly thought of, as I had many influential clients who used the platform. I have also thought of how it could be useful in the education field with collogues, but I have never considered how I could use it in the classroom with students before this class. I enjoyed our Ed Chat night which really opened my eyes to the use of this platform and what it might really be about.

Although I hope to teach kindergarten or grade 1, I still see a use for Twitter (somewhat) within the classroom. I honestly don’t feel as if students of this age would be able to engage directly with the platform, but it could be used to engage parents and to make a classroom connection outside of the school and community I’m placed. I’m inspired and excited to learn more about this platform and how the use of it might look for me in my new career!

Introducing, DAYLE DECK!

I’m Dayle Deck, career banker, turned education student. My university education began in the fall of 2008 at the University of Regina in the general Arts program. I was fresh out of high school with not a lot of direction as to where I wanted to go, and I simply landed in the faculty of Arts. Ok, well maybe I didn’t just “land’ there, but I ended up there as I had missed the deadlines for applying to a number of other faculties, I had interests in. I had always thought that a career of teaching was for me, but I also blatantly ignored this thought, as I really thought being something I perceived to be much fancier, say, a lawyer, was for me. I spent about one year in school before landing a summer job with one of Canada’s major banks. I enjoyed the job, quickly excelled, and moved up with the bank paying my way through Financial Planning courses. I continued to balance work with my university courses for only one more semester before calling it quits with post secondary. 

I spent 10 years building my career, moving to Edmonton and then onto Calgary to further my opportunity and to eventually end up in Wealth Banking. I LOVED my job, I loved my clients and I genuinely loved the city of Calgary and all it had to offer. I was grateful for the experiences afforded to me but eventually it became obvious to me that my lifestyle would forever suffer to stay employed in the spot I was in at the time. Throughout my career there were a number of times I thought “I should go back to school to be a teacher” and this final time, I made the leap and began the process. Walking away from a career I worked hard to build, in a city I loved, directly into the fire of the unknown, was not easy but in writing this today, I would not look back. Although not currently in my dream job, I continue to work for this same financial institution today while I finish my studies. 

EDTC 300 is my final University Course before completing my Fall internship and in turn, my elementary education degree. Although blogging and technology was a part of some of my courses I have taken, I have had no formal training or education on how to properly establish an online presence. I’m excited for the course as I know I will likely have lots to learn and so much room for growth; an online presence is certainly the way of the future!

Follow me on Twitter to see where this semester goes!

Snap, it’s Picture Perfect!

Was cooking something you were taught or was it something that became an obligation with age? I began cooking when I was in my later elementary years and it all started with a box of Kraft Dinner. I have since grown my boxed macaroni tastes to Presidents Choice White Cheddar and to this day, my sister (and even a few others), think I make an unreal box of macaroni and cheese. Growing up, I would describe myself as a pretty picky eater and I was certainly the one to ask for my meal to be customized to my liking when going out to eat. I was not a fan of sauces, I liked things to be pretty plain and there were a number of foods one couldn’t pay me to try. 

Upon moving to Calgary in my early 20s, I discovered a food scene that I simply could not escape. Part of my job at the time including socializing with my clients, which often meant lunch at some local and fancy restaurant with items on the menu far more extravagant than my simple chicken fingers, no dip. I found myself scouring the menu in advance of lunch dates to find what would tickle my plain-as-can-be taste without looking ridiculous in front of my clients with excessive customizations. As I became accustomed to going to the latest local spot for lunch, I also had a realization that there were highly trained chefs who really understood flavour combinations. Once I realized that, my world to food opened up greatly and my interest in cooking definitely took off.

For our learning project, I have chosen to do “Picture Perfect Dinners” where I will explore making more complex meals with real ingredients. To do this I will focus on recipes which are centred around real ingredients rather than “cans of this and cans of that” while creating meals deemed to be restaurant worthy. Through the project I hope to find new techniques and create meals full of flavour and picture-perfect worthy!

Chef Dayle Deck, reporting for duty!

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