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Field Experiences

ECS 100 – My Final Reflection:

When I reflect back on my ECS 100 Field Experience, I am filled with so much emotion. In my wildest dreams, I would have never guessed the experience would not conclude. Upon entering the classroom, I immediately felt as if I were home and I knew it was where I needed to be. I have spent the last ten years in a career where I was simply making an income but was not filled with drive and passion. The classroom experience was another reminder, my dreams can come true as long as I work to achieve them. Given my past, the experience in the classroom felt very personal; it ignited my lost joy and gratitude.

My host teacher and the children were immediately all so welcoming. Some of the children were shy at first and some were not, but they were all so respectful. As cliché as it may sound, there is a particular innocence of young children and young minds, which I love. In my short classroom experience, I was still able to form relationships. From day one, there was a boy who immediately captivated me. This boy would often come into the classroom late, he would put his things away and head to his desk quietly, where he put his shoes on and his rested his head on the desk.  I was told he was a troublemaker, yet that is not what I saw. I saw a boy who had a story, his story, a boy who needed an advocate. I made it my mission to form a relationship with this boy and by the last day it was obviously forming; I wonder how this would have evolved?

Upon the cancellation of school, I was filled with sadness for the children. I was placed in a community school and I know many of them rely on the programs to keep them away from home, to keep them fed and to keep them healthy. Without school, these children are subjected to the horrors of their own homes. For the children not struggling with those issues, they are likely missing the structure school brought to their day. The current economic crisis has been a great reminder, teachers need to be ready for the uncertain always. As I continue my education journey, I am grateful for what these unprecedented times have taught.

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