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Ok so this week I needed another meal for a group of people and I was hoping to have something fairly easy and hands off. I had in mind that I wanted to do something in the slow cooker but I often find that meals from the slow cooker don’t always look “picture perfect”. After much thought, I set my sights on a recipe I found for pulled pork, as it always seems to be a crowd pleaser and can certainly be dressed up to be picture perfect. The recipe I found this week was located on a website tilted: Kims Cravings. I decided I would serve pulled pork with coleslaw, salad and honey butter corn for sides. The coleslaw and salads, again, were both cheats from the bag but the honey butter corn was a quick recipe I found on Together as Family

The making of the pulled pork was so easy; minimal effort for maximum results. I first made the rub, coated the pork shoulder, browned each side in the frying pan as per the directions and then I tossed it into the slow cooker. I added a little bit of chicken broth, topped the pork with diced onions and set the slow cooker to low for 8 hours. The recipe didn’t call for the chicken broth, however, there were a number of comments saying they added it. When the pork was close to done I started on my honey butter corn. Everyone raved about the corn but I personally thought it was a little too sweet and that it could use something a little more. I would still call the corn a win but I definitely would change it up a little bit the next time I make it. 

The pulled pork recipe did mention that the BBQ sauce at the end is optional, so I decided to keep my pulled pork naked and allow the guests to decide if they wanted to add sauce to their bun or not. As much as I did not necessarily enjoy the lengthy writes ups by the bloggers prior to their recipe post, I have actually come to appreciate this section. I have found that there are helpful hints and tricks to try, which one may not find if the recipe wasn’t posted publicly on the internet. For this recipe, it was mentioned that the BBQ sauced did not need to be added in so I took this piece of advice and would do it again this way. I have also found it helpful when choosing recipes to take a look at how many people have commented and what they have to say about a meal. Again, traditionally, one would not necessarily know to avoid a recipe or make adjustments to the recipe with simply having it in a cook book. 

Using technology to find the recipe and make it have really been my forte and will likely always be my “go-to” but actually remembering to take pictures or videos is a whole different story. The internet is a wonderful resource for free recipes, cooking techniques along with different tricks and tips. I have found the experience of blogging to be a good one, however, I’m not convinced it is something I would be able to continue with on the regular. Some of my favourite people to follow post daily or multiple times daily and this is just not something I could see myself doing. For example, I’m on Instagram almost daily but my last post was made on March 12, 2020. I love to see what others are doing but I definitely find it hard to find the time to share what I’m up to and then I often wonder who really genuinely cares what I’m up to anyway. There is definitely a lot more to creating the perfect blog with the perfect pictures etc. than I ever would have imagined and I absolutely have a new appreciation for those who take the time to do it.

The ingredients!

Into the Slow Cooker!

Shredded and Ready!

The finished product!

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