Pasta Perfect!

One of my favourite things to eat has to be pasta, of all kinds, so it was only natural that’s what I decided to explore for this week. I have been following Tieghan Gerard of Half Baked Harvest on Instagram for quite some time now and was intrigued when I saw a post for “One Pot French Onion Pasta with Crispy Prosciutto”. I loved the idea that the recipe had “one pot” in it’s title which signaled to me, it might not be too terribly complex, for a beginner.

This recipe had quite a number of ingredients and certainly took longer to put together than what I’m used to for a pasta dish, but all of the effort was absolutely worth it. The recipe does call for the use of burrata cheese which I was unable to find but a simple Google search let me know, mozzarella is a great substitute. Does anyone know where to find burrata cheese in Regina? Following the recipe closely (minus the burrata cheese issue), did not disappoint and yet again I have found another dish to keep In my supper repertoire. I did make one crucial mistake while making the dish and that was not turning on the hood fan over the stove. It turns out, if you don’t, your home will smell like onions for days to come; awkward.

I loved Tieghan’s website and was drawn in quickly with her pictures on Instagram which were also included on her blog. Like a typical recipe blogger, Tieghan has a lengthily write up before each recipe but there is a “Jump to Recipe” button, and even better yet, a “Print Recipe” button. With that being said, Tieghan’s write ups are worth the read, if one has the time, as she packs them with hints, tricks and substitutions. The Half Baked Harvest Blog is easy to navigate and packed with MANY picture perfect and free recipes! For anyone looking for a delicious and picture perfect meal, Tieghan Gerard is your girl!

5 Replies to “Pasta Perfect!”

  1. Hi Dayle!
    This recipe sounds delicious! I also love a good one-pot pasta because they’re quick to make, don’t create too many dirty dishes, and are usually delicious. My favourite is the One Pot Sausage Pasta from Denise at Sweet Peas and Saffron, if you’re looking for a new recipe to try! I think burrata cheese is Italian – have you tried the Italian Star Deli on Victoria?


  2. I will absolutely have to take a look at this One Pot Sausage Pasta recipe from Denise at Sweet Peas and Saffron! Burrata cheese is Italian and apparently can be difficult to find, I bet the Italian Star Deli would be a great option for it, thanks for the suggestion!


  3. Hey Dayle!
    Sounds like this week was a success for you. One-pot recipes are a game-changer, especially as a busy university student. I will definitely have to check out Tieghan Gerards Instagram and Website for some delicious summer meals; thanks for the suggestion!

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  4. Dayle, I’m with you on pasta being one of the best ‘food groups’! After reading your blog post I had to check out the Half-Baked Harvest website, and wow it did not disappoint! Seriously some of the most beautiful recipes I have seen. I always have trouble deciding what to make for supper, but I will definitely be using one of Tieghan Gerard’s recipes next time I can’t decide. Thanks for sharing such a great resource!


  5. Hi Dayle! I loved your blog post – it sounds delicious and it made me hungry lol. I’ve definitely made the mistake of not turning on the fan while cooking onions – not a good look. My downstairs neighbors also don’t seem to turn on their fans while cooking so I get lots of smells in my house that linger for days. Would you ever try making pasta from scratch? It is on my to do list but it’s quite intimidating! Happy cooking 🙂


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